Through my paintings, I depict the balance I experience between the Eastern and Western cultures within me. I appreciate the delicate details in Indian art, especially Tanjore paintings, where layers of chalk and glue are applied to create an embossed effect over which gold leaf is used. I love hand woven colorful Indian fabrics, with intricate gold and silver patterns. I use old Indian saris where the gold weaving is still beautiful and intact, while the sari cannot be used. I collect these saris from family and friends. I believe each piece has the history of the weaver, the special memory of the person who has worn the sari, and now it is used to create yet another purpose in my art. I also admire free expression and creativity as well as skill and craftsmanship of traditional, thus combine these two aspects in my own visual expressions.

I have been inspired by the arts of various cultures and represent this through my paintings in the “travel series.” I use fabric, unique simple everyday objects, or images from these places to capture the essence of that place or culture. After my visit to Africa, I incorporated Massai fabric and jewelry into a landscape that captures the vastness of Africa. For a painting inspired by Australia, I used an art piece bought directly from an aboriginal artist in Ayres Rock, Australia. The original painting depicts people at a water hole and the community. I expanded the painting to represent the influences of various cultures on our lifestyles. The Buddha painting is an inspiration of a stone Buddha head around which a huge Banyan tree grew in Ayutthaya, Thailand. This picture represents the spiritual self which grows within each of us. I hope to add to this collection as I travel to many more places and bring out the uniqueness of the culture, place, or scenery though my art.

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