Sangeeta Prasad, art therapy

Enjoying the art-making process

Sangeeta Prasad, ATR-BC

  • Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist.
  • Professional Credentialed member of the American Art Therapy Association, Potomac Art Therapy Association, and Virginia Art Therapy Association.
  • A wide range of experience in the field of Art Therapy in the US and India.
  • Worked with different population segments – children, adults, and seniors.
  • Present – Private Art Therapy Practice – Circle Art Studio in Fairfax, Virginia, USA.
  • Present – Vice President, The Prasad Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Director, Board of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) 2016-2018.
  •  Membership Chair and International Chair of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) 2014-2016.
  • Founder Indian Art Therapy Discussion Forum – IATDF
  • Authored two books on Art Therapy.
  • Conducted International Workshops and Seminars.
  • Enjoys expressing herself through art.
  • Has a daily practice of meditation and yoga.


– MA (Art Therapy), George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

– BA (Fine Arts), Madras University, Stella Maris College, India.

– Certificate in MBSR, USA

Highlights of my resume:

2019,  Chennai, India.

Keynote and plenary speaker at Women’s Christian College, International Seminar on Creative Arts Therapies.

Inner Peace

2018, Workshops

Conducted several workshops on Mindfulness and Art at Circle Art Studio, Fairfax, Virginia USA

Art expressions from the workshop

2017,  Chennai, India.

Workshop on Mindfulness and Art Therapy, “Awakening Our Heart”

 This workshop was organized by Tarana Khatri at the Horizon Therapy Center in Chennai. Participants were introduced to mindfulness and used the art-making to express themselves and learn to apply mindfulness through the art-making process.

Sangeeta Prasad, Oihika Chakrabarti, Jennie Kristel, Manissha Khanna, Krupa Jhaveri, Disha Dutt, Shruti Sriram, Akila Lakshmikanth.

2017, Bangalore, India. IATDF Symposium: Say it with Art

A two-day symposium was organized by Akhila Lakshman on behalf of the Indian Art Therapy Discussion Forum on February 20th and 21st, 2017.  The symposium was attended by teachers, social workers, therapist, doctors, and many other allied professionals.  The goal of this symposium was to introduce art therapy and how it is used with various populations.

Letting Go…

2016 – 3rd place at the Virginia Art Therapy Association art show.


This image to me represents a woman letting go of her past and becoming free as she begins her spiritual journey.

Art Therapy Studio

Art Therapy Studio

2016, Private Practice in Art Therapy:  Sangeeta is currently in private practice using art therapy at Circle Art Studio, www.circleartstudio.com.  She works with a wide range of population and combines mindfulness with art therapy to bring insight into each persons well being.

Helena Haas, Heidi Bardot, Sangeeta Prasad and Susan Anand

Helena Haas, Heidi Bardot, Sangeeta Prasad and Susan Anand

2016, American Art Therapy Conference:  Presented at the conference in Baltimore.  Sangeeta was initiated as a director on the Board of the American Art Therapy Association.

2016-02-13 11.07.41

Art Therapy Workshop at Delhi University

2016-02-19 16.50.35

Workshop at Auroville, India


Art speaks – Gallery Talk

2016, Workshops in India, February 2016

Delhi: Susan Anand, Jenni Kristel and Sangeeta Prasad  (PFF team) from the US along with Bani Malhotra, Puneeta Roy and Manissha Khanna from Delhi presented on art and expressive art therapy to M.A. Psychology Students at the Delhi University.  It was wonderful to experience the enthusiasm among the students who had many questions regarding the art and expressive arts therapy process.  We hope to encourage the psychology department to create a program in art therapy.

Jenni Kristel, Bani Malhotra and I presented at Artspeaks India, a private art gallery run by Ashwini Pai Bahadur.  Many participants were eager to learn about art therapy and where they could get training.

The workshop for teachers of Muskan an NGO for children and adults with intellectual disability was a wonderful success.  This day-long workshop was conducted by the PFF team, along with Bani Malhotra and Manissha Khanna.  The focus of this workshop was on resilience and inner strength.

Auroville: It was wonderful to meet many participants from the India discussion forum at the Expressive Art Therapy Symposium organized by Sankalpa.  This two-day workshop was led by Ohika Chakrabarti, Brenda Jacobs, Krupa Jhaveri, and the PFF team.  This workshop focused on our inner identity and intentions.  The symposium was followed with a wonderful ceremony that marked the beginning of the Indian Art Therapy Association.

2016-02-11 10.18.44

Presenters with Dean of the University of Sharjah.

2016-02-10 08.48.01

Heidi Bardot, Sangeeta Prasad, Susan Anand, and Jenni Kristel

2016, University of Sharjah- First Arts Therapy Conference

February 10th, 2016

The first Arts Therapy Conference was organized by the University of Sharjah in collaboration with Sharjah, City Humanitarian Services,  Art Therapy International Center –  ATIC, Prasad Family Foundation, George Washington University, Ewha Woman’s University, University of Mississippi Medical Center, and The Arts Center Bahrain.  Susan Anand, Jenni Kristen, and Sangeeta Prasad represented the Prasad Family Foundation, Heidi Bardot from GWU, Sara Powell and Andrew Wright from ATIC, Hyun Ju Chong, Ph.D., Ewha Woman’s University and Dalal Abdulrahman Al Sandi from Bahrain presented at this conference.



2015, Mask Making Workshop, November 2015

Presented a mask making workshop at the Expressive Arts Summit in New York with Jennie Kristel.


2015 – Vale Arts Show – Oakton, Virginia

Participated with the Vale Arts artist in the spring show as a visiting artist.


2014 – Book Signing at George Washington University

February 2014, George Washington University held a book signing for the authors and editors of the book,” Using Art Therapy with Diverse Populations, Crossing Cultures, and Abilities”.


2013-14 – Project India at Saraswathi Kendra, Chennai, India

Designed and implemented a grant through the Prasad Family Foundation for an American art therapist to work in India and create an art therapy program at Saraswathi Kendra. Several individuals and group therapy sessions were conducted as well as in-services for the staff was provided.  Provided supervision and project management.


2011-14 – Project India at Mahesh Memorial Trust – Cancer Institute, Chennai, India

Designed and implemented a grant through the Prasad Family Foundation for an American art therapist in 2011 and 2013-14 to work at the Mahesh Memorial Trust Pediatric unit of the Cancer Institute. Many children and mothers received art therapy at the bedside and on an outpatient basis.  Also, trained a local therapist to work with children at the center, funding for this position was provided by the Bambino Educational Trust.


2013-2014 – Project India at The Banyan – Center for Mentally Ill Women, Chennai, India.

Designed and implemented a grant through the Prasad Family Foundation for an American art therapist to work at The Banyan. The residents of Banyan received art therapy once a week. The counselors /social workers and other staff were introduced to the benefits of art therapy. Art therapy was helpful to many of the non-verbal clients.


2010 – Peru

Working with children at a group home in Cusco, Peru as part of the GlobeAware Volunteer program.

2010 Survey of Art Therapy

2010 Survey of Art Therapy at Stella Maris College – Chennai, India

Collaborated with George Washington University and Stella Maris College to create the Survey of Art Therapy, a one-month introduction to art therapy class.  This program was well received by the students and faculty of Stella Maris College.  Jennie Kristel taught the class.

My Journey (2)

2009 – Study Abroad Program – George Washington University

In pursuit of my ongoing wish to bring art therapy to India, I collaborated with the Art Therapy program at George Washington University (GWU) in bringing the study abroad program to India. The idea was to conduct their cultural diversity summer class in India. The opportunity to bring two highly qualified art therapists and several students from GWU was too good to pass! Together we conducted workshops and seminars as well as worked with various institutions around Chennai. The goal was for various institutions to experience how art therapy works with their population.  This program now continues for the fifth year.

Book Launch

2008 Book Launch – Chennai, India

Launched my book, “Creative Expression: Say it with Art” in Chennai, India. Sangeeta Prasad, author, Nidhya Guhan, Trustee and Director of AVM school, Mrs.Devila Patel, Trustee and Director of Bambino Educational Trust,  Dr. Nandita Krishnan, Trustee and Director of C.P. Arts Foundation and the Grove School, Geeta Doctor, Art Critic and prominent journalist, Dr. Ashrafi Bagath, Head of Department, Stella Maris College, Chennai

Art therapy

2007 – Seminar with Dr. Judith Rubin and Dr. Gaelynn Wolf Bordonaro

Conducted art therapy seminars at:

  • Savera hotel for teachers, organized by Bambino Educational Trust
  • Forum Art Gallery for All Indian Working Womens Association ( AIWWA)
  • Social Work Institute organized by Tulir for counselors and therapists
  • Stella Maris College for the students of the Fine Arts department
  • National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, for the staff and students